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Posted by fetchingfinchesaviary@gmail.com on January 17, 2015 at 7:00 PM

ALPHA AND OMEGA: UPDATE- Started Hatching on the 25th of January!

(A/O, BB+LB 01 2015)


Omega was working diligently to protect the new clutch while mom stretches her legs. I was very excited to know we would have a wonderful strong clutch. However we had record breaking storms a few days ago. The hail and lightning cause severe damage and spooked Alpha off the nest. She was so scared she refused to eat and passed away shortly after the storm. Omega worked hard to sit on the eggs, but his depression from the loss of his companion caused him to abandon the nest.

Periodic cooling of bird eggs reduces embryonic growth efficiency.

The eggs were removed, and placed in a brooder. This morning, 2 hatched. Because there is no parent for them, I will be handfeeding them from day 1- which is a very delicate process and I need to be feeding every hour on the hour and trying to maintain a proper temp and humidity.

In a few days I will try to create a foster family to care for the nestlings. We are praying they make it through.


While Lightback (LB) is not an extremely rare variety, the Black Breasted is sought after by many.

It is said the Black Breasted is like pepper- and adds a wonderful flavor to any combination. This clutch should produce multiple rare mutations which are suitable for competition, so if you are interested in a visible black breasted, now is the time to reserve a chick provided they survive. Roy Beckham has a great photo of a LB/BB finch:

Source; efinch is an amazing site, and they also have a beautiful facebook page: www.efinch.com/species/bbzeb.htm


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