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Day of Arrival for your feathered friend

Posted by fetchingfinchesaviary@gmail.com on January 30, 2015 at 2:50 AM


One of the most common question I recieve is 'What do I do when I get my finch home?'

First and foremost be prepared. Have your quarantine cage at the ready, make sure you have created a suitable enclosure for your new baby, and finally have food, water and supplies at the ready.


Dehydration is one of the leading causes of death in these birds. Please provide extra water (even a small dish on the floor of the cage). Upon arrival I use a vitamin mix in the water, and a half dosage of rehydration liquid. If your bird starts to look dizzy, squints it eyes or hold its wings away from its body, it may be dehydrated. Try offer a syringe filled with rehydration liquid (like pedialyte) and dropping it on the side of their beak- Never try to force liquids, this can cause death.

If the bird is to be introduced into an existing enclosure, please read this other post on Integrating your new finch. Place cages adjacent to each other for a few days to let them get accustomed to each other, then place the new bird in the cage closer to sundown. This gives them ample time to seek out resources, and then during nightfall the birds will sleep. However do make sure to have a nightlight so the new bird can located food/water upon request.


Birds often develop watery droppings after the stress of a move, do not be alarmed if this continues for the first 48 hours. Please note to color of the droppings as green can often indicate an infection. It is a good idea to administer a probiotic like AVIPRO AVIAN for 1 week. This will help your bird with digestion, assimilation to a new food, relieve stress and provide electrolytes.


Birds can becomes easily stressed, so try and disturb them as little as possible the first 24 hours. My birds are tame, and enjoy the company of others, but it is best to let them come to you rather than force interaction.

It generally takes 24 to 48 hours for them to become acclimated. However during this time, I keep vitamin water and special foods available to give them a boost in nutrition and speak softly to them.


 My hand raised finches will want attention, so please don’t completely abandon them. Make sure you are calm and friendly, giving many opportunities for interaction after the first 24 hours.


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