fetching finches

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Finches for Educational Facilities

Zebra finches are delightful pets for the home, office or classroom. Information regarding the benefit of finches in the classroom or institution, including worksheets and lessons are coming soon.

Zebra Finches make wonderful pets, extremely active and entertaining with minimal care requirements compared to other avian species. Because of their minimal requirements (cage size, food, etc) they are less expensive and considerably quieter than the majority of pet bird breeds.  Larger birds would need to be brought home over night and/or weekends which is extremely stressful on the bird, and the care and feeding of a larger bird becomes more complicated an expensive. Therefore they are an excellent choice for the novice bird owner and work well in public areas.

Birds in the classroom can be an easy addition to the classroom providing a entertaining atmosphere that is more conducive to learning and creating a educational resource. Finches should be kept in pairs, and they will undoubted breed, which needs no interference from you…. The class can sit by and watch as they care for the young.  Tame birds from Fetching Finches will enhance their learning experience monumentally and ensure mental and physical health of the bird while including lesson plans that utilize these specimens.

Upon request, I will provide you with an enclosure that suits your environment, decorate and administer food and equipment. I am free to provide presentations to your class regarding the finches, and give instruction for care. I keep a relationship with those that adopt my birds, and I am available for medical advise at any time, able to administer medications to ensure the best health of your enrichment specimen.