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Finches are well known for their remarkable diversity and evolutionary adaptations dating back to 1836 and the voyage of the beagle.

Zebra finches, have proteins 98 percent identical to ours, differing by just eight amino acids. It is particularly active in a part of the basal ganglia dubbed “area X”, which is involved in song learning. Finch are a type of songbird, with males learning a complex courtship song (females do not sing). Songbirds as a group have been studied extensively in the disciplines of population biology, ecology, behavior, evolution, and reproduction. The zebra finch genome, as the second bird genome to be sequenced, holds important keys to better understanding evolution of the structure of all genomes. With finches so diligently involved in studies you would imagine there is adequate care information available to the general public- but because of their label 'lab rat with feathers' this data is often not focused on preserving or producing hardy stock but rather the study of the structure of the bird.  So it is left to the breeders to experiment through trial and error; therefore to their detriment there is a plethora of inaccurate information.

I took a scientific exploration of my own- not only as a bird enthusiast, but as a common Finch owner- to determine the ideal care of Zebra Finch and proved my hypothesis:

Hobby or *Pet Finch keepers should own handfed, tame Zebra Finches that have been selectively bred for a stalker body composition. The birds will be better appreciated and cared for by breeders, pet stores and consumers, thereby elevating the health of the species.

*Pet Finch keepers are those who do not consider finches a hobby- but rather use the Finch as a 'pet' often keeping only 2 units in an enclosure. Often these are purchased for children as a 'first pet', or  impulse purchase for entertainment.

I began by taking a scientific approach to the life cycle of Zebra Finches (which was soon expanded to other finch varieties) and became so intrigued I began compiling information on the origins, environment, anatomy, reproduction and nutrition. I quickly became a breeder and was able to test my theories on my flock, allowing me to reach conclusions and develop techniques on factual information and not marketing schemes or outdated literature. The goal was to simulate the environmental conditions that occur in nature for captive pets and give them the opportunity to be as healthy as possible so they may be thought of as more than 'that bird in the window'.

This website was built to share my conclusions after thorough studies of passerines, and is not meant to provide very basic bird care. Instead I chose to create an educational resource for controversial subjects pertaining to the finch persuasion (passerines). The data collected should be applied to the general field of caring for all species/varieties of finches and passerines; however my studies were specifically linked to Zebra, Society and Indian Silverbill Finches.

Due to the number of birds in my study, I have become a Hobby Breeder (not for profit) and therefore the chicks are available for adoption. However I am not a pet store, and I adopt out peak specimens according to the clutches which are laid in a natural rhythm. These finches are what they call 'show quality' but because they are hand raised, I prefer for them to go to a family- especially those with young children.

For more information on adopting one of these hybrid hand tamed finches, please see the Available Babies section.

*Note I am not condoning the hand raising of finches by the inexperienced. Rather I am trying to preserve the health of finches by modifying the care and perception of the species. 

Finches are more than just beautiful and interesting birds to observe. They can become a strong pet stock similar to the budgie.

Because of their easy care and small stature, I believe they have the potential to increase in popularity if proper steps are taken to produce hand tamed feathered friends with endearing personalities.


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